About Us


100% Pure New Zealand

Aoraki peak Manuka Honey, purveyor of high quality Manuka Honey. Our honey comes from native bush land in the remote region of New Zealand and just like our name Aoraki, the highest mountain in New Zealand, we always uphold the highest standard for our honey.

Raw Manuka Honey is one of the New Zealand ‘s  best offerings,  our honey is carefully harvested & packaged in New Zealand , we are a qualified and accredited UMF™ member,  we achieve strict quality and purity standards set by the New Zealand government and the UMFHA (Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association). 

Our Honey contains no GMOs, Glyphosate residue  or additives. Our partner bee keepers are expert  in their trade, we collaborate closely with them to bring you the best and authentic honey from some remote region in the North island, they share our commitment to quality and sustainability.