WHY UMF Certified?

UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor,  UMF is the only manuka honey grading system that is licensed and audited to verify the honey is true-to-label UMF is a revered mark of quality protecting your rights as a consumer

As a result of the high premium paid for mānuka honey, an increasing number of products now labelled as such worldwide are counterfeit or adulterated .

According to research by UMFHA, the main trade association of New Zealand mānuka honey producers, whereas 1,700 tons of mānuka honey are made there annually representing almost all the world’s production, some 10,000 tons of produce is being sold internationally as mānuka honey.

UMF  appoint independent auditors to regularly check and analyse samples from the marketplace. This helps protect consumers from counterfeit products. Aoraki Peak Manuka Honey guarantee the authenticity of our manuka honey by adhering to stringent UMF standard. we are  UMF certified member with license no #3006


Mānuka Honey Harvesting

Manuka Honey is made by bees that pollinate the Manuka flower, which is native to New Zealand and blooms just 2-6 weeks per year. Manuka Honey can only be produced

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What is Mānuka Honey?

Mānuka honey is produced by European honey bees (Apis mellifera) foraging on the mānuka (Leptospermum scoparium) Mānuka honey for export from New Zealand must be independently tested

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